Purim Songs

This is Purim, fellows, a joyous holiday.
With songs and cheers and hellos,
let's wend our merry way.
Laugh, comrades, laugh,
eat hearty and quaff,
and marvel at God's wondrous way.
Sing, comrades, sing,
dance merry in throngs;
remember that wonderful day
Haman, wicked schemer,
his kind we've always known.
But God, the great Redeemer,
these fiends has overthrown.

Wait, Haman, Oh wait,
decreed is your fate,
avenging and swift is His rod!
Dance children, and sing,
make larger your ring,
in happy thanksgiving to God.

Purim day, Purim day, It's a happy holiday
We wear masks, drink from flasks
Sing and dance and play
Let's hear the groggers: Rash Rash Rash
When Haman's name they say

Chag Purim, Chag Purim, Chag gadol la'yehudim
Masechot, ra'ashanim, zmirot ve'rikudim
Havah nar'isha, rash rash rash

Purim day, Purim day. What a happy holiday.
Wear a mask, wear a crown. Dancing all around.
Round go the groggers, rash, rash, rash! (3x)
On Purim day!

Pat a cake, pat a cake,
baker man, bake me a hamentashen fast as you can.
You roll it and fold it and make corners three,
put it in the oven for the children and me.